Of(f) Nature

All my work is of nature.

I am of nature.

We are of nature.

Art is of nature.

Every thing is of nature.

Everything is of nature.

And yet we seem to think we are not.

We act and behave as if we were not of nature.

We are off nature, removed from it, and hopelessly stuck in our human made illusions.

We are at war with ourselves. We are at war with each other. We are at war with nature herself.

We have created the nature that we think we are and are desperately trying to keep up appearances, at all costs, by continuously feeding those human made illusions.

We cannot see the true nature of nature.

We are off nature.

ART is not a product.

Art is a practice. A lifestyle. A guide. A friend. A teacher.

Art is alive. Art is awareness, action. Art is realization, reflection, respect.

Art is trust, total truth.

I trust in the power and value of ART, its qualitative nature, the qualia of ART to guide us back into our true nature, the nature of which we are.

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